Vintage wedding dress heaven in Bath

Vintage wedding dress heaven in Bath

A few images from a visit to Bath at Easter.

I grew up in Bristol and I’ve always loved visiting Bath, especially the fashion museum. It  made a big impression on me as a child and is a regular must visit for it’s inspiring exhibitions and generous study facilities where I have in the past been allowed to handle an 18th century corset and an exquisite 1900′s wedding dress.

This year, not only do they have a wedding dress exhibition, but they allow photography and here are just a couple of sneaky peeks – it’s well worth a visit if you are passing that way. The image above is a detail from a short 20′s dress with a long train.

Next pic is a 1950′s influenced dress by Alexander McQueen – how DID they know?!?

If you like wedding dresses, it’s the best exhibition of it’s sort I’ve seen. Click here to find out more on the museum website

The museum is housed in the Bath assembly rooms, 18th century venue of balls and concerts which Jane Austen would have attended when she lived in the city and the building has been the setting for more than one romantic turning point in her novels involving fainting incidents and potentially life changing misunderstandings. You get to peek in the ball rooms on the way through, complete with their enormous chandeliers and fireplaces.


A few steps down the road is my favoruite cafe – same same but different where, they serve proper soup and it’s surrounded by interesting window shopping …..

We ended the day treating Grannie to tea at the pump room, complete with live piano.

The fountain is very pretty, but I challenge you to try more than one sip of  Bath water ….. tastes rather odd…

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