Simon Green Photography and Studio 20e

 Simon Green Photography and Studio 20e

I love my website and nearly all the photography on it is by it’s designer Simon Green so it’s about time I blogged him and his team.

I first met husband and wife team Simon and Suzanna Green when I was thinking about launching myself as a Bridal designer and maker. Simon is  a talented and perceptive photographer and Suzanna works both alongside him and  freelance as a make up artist -  just one of her talents – she is also taking formal hairdressing training whilst running studio 20e at their Longrock studios near Mounts bay and Penzance.  They also have an beautiful daughter, Siobhan who has designed and modelled for me and has a great future ahead of her in the creative industries. Simon and Suzanna first came to my workroom a while back when I had one dress and a pile of fabric – weeks later we were in Tehidy woods shooting a mini collection amongst the bluebells modelled by the lovely Lily. It was my first photoshoot and I really loved their relaxed style, loved even more coming home and finding within hours some of the most beautiful images waiting in my inbox. Simon had completely understood my work and added someting more. My favourite image reminds me of the romantic pre raphaelite paintings I have loved since my childhood when I was often taken to the extremely Victorian Bristol Museum and art gallery – free entertainment for a family of five kids!

I’m so lucky to have met these guys. Their work is beautiful, but they are also lovely people who are great to work with and have given me loads of encouragement when I needed it. Go and see their work…..

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  • Its one of my favourite images too Anna! It was such a good day, the best photoshoot I’ve done I think! How far you’ve come since then though, a lovely thought! xxx

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